So, I head over to a concert in an art gallery with a show by an artist I had never heard of just to hear my favorite musician Louis Volare….

and there at the top, as I listen to music, I am drawn…I mean sucked into the absolute hypnotic mystery of this one photograph. He’s called the Haserot Angel….and he sits at a cemetery somewhere in Ohio.

The photographer, whom I only know as Eidolon Dreamscape in Second LIfe and Bittermuppet on Flickr has captured him, this mysterious crying angel in such a way that I myself am drawn to tears. Now I do not cry. I very rarely cry. But this picture (not the one here, but the one in Second LIfe…very similar to this but with the wings showing)…it actually made me feel for this ….statue!

Second life, real life, whatever. My real body was crying real tears and still is. Call it synchronicity or coincidence. It’s an incredible thing.

I am humbled by it…..drawn to my knees.

Good job, Eidolon!

See his full stream :


Wow it’s so awesome!

KK Dallagio at the helm

KK Dallagio at the helm

The ship currently sits by the outdoor theater in SL New England…but won’t be there long!

Lora Chadbourne, a Mayflower descendant who painstakingly recreated the ship in second life, gave a wonderful talk in world. The whole intervew is available, as are free hats and moccasins for all!  (I will definitely wear my moccasins next time I go drumming in the forest!)

The SLNE blog has the interview transcribed as well as more pics. 

You can actually get on the boat and look around. It is truly incredible …the feeling, to imagine how the passengers might have felt on that scary and cramped voyage, full of hope, probably fear, and surviving the ills of storm and disease.  Makes me very thankful our ancestors made the trip!

Great fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

This ship is amazing!

This ship is amazing!


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Hey SL friends!

Last week we had our SL Peacefest 08 kickoff fundraising event. We had an anonymous matching donor and made over $L50,000 for our peacefest charities!


What fun this was for me! I had never sailed before….Thanks so much to Julia Ceres for letting me ride along!

See full photo set here:

Second Life allows you to be/do create whatever and whomever you want to be, want to do, and all the other stuff you can only dream about in real life. Yet, many groups and activities which begin in-world often bleed into the real world, and vice-versa. While it is technically a game which begins on your desktop, it extends to real friendships, relationships, business opportunities and community involvement that is very much real, and no game at all.

The Merry Dolphin

Well, I’m settled again, sort of, in my new home near Pat O’Bryan’s (aka Koanwrangler Ibanez) new place on Spooner.  However, I was only able to purchase 512 sq meters with 126 Prims….not nearly enough for my taste! Still, is nice to be near my PE marketing friends.

Sooo, I am thinking about a second plot near another friend which is on a lagoon with plenty of room to swim with the dolphins!

Christmas in SL was peaceful, at least the little time I was on.  Heard about some ruckus with one sim, but I was not affected.  Had fun at Funky Feats’ “Christmas White” party and received TONS of Christmas cards in SL….way more than RL hehe.

Set up a booth at peacecamp for Peacetrain, but it still needs some finishing touches.  I guess I’ll have to breakdown and learn the scriptlanguage…learning a new computer language is not my favorite thing to do, but I seem to be drawn to things that can only be done w/ script.   Maybe I can make the best of it!

Today is KK’s RL birthday, so I plan to party 2nite! Wheeeee!

If you have any notions about wanting to market your product or service in Second Life, I have a free gift available over at Santa Sal’s Big Christmas Giveaway event which just launched

Santa Sal Giveaway

This is a huge event and there are plenty of gifts there for non marketers as well!  These events are always fun, but Harris Fellman has really made his Sal character into quite a spectacle…lots of humor and even a little bit of controversy…

Speaking of Controversy!

Major uproar on Amelia Island going on…as we residents are being uprooted and booted off the island! I just paid my squatting fees for a month 6 days ago and now have no home as of Saturday!  We were all in kahoots over it last night. Apparently the island has been purchased and will be a Gorean community…. Ouch!

So, Pat (Koanwrangler)  has already found a new place for Portable Empire Island, I understand, so hopefully we will all be fine soon.

I will post the new SL URL as soon as I get it.

Thank you Torley Linden for all of your super duper Vids on SL!

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