If you have any notions about wanting to market your product or service in Second Life, I have a free gift available over at Santa Sal’s Big Christmas Giveaway event which just launched

Santa Sal Giveaway

This is a huge event and there are plenty of gifts there for non marketers as well!  These events are always fun, but Harris Fellman has really made his Sal character into quite a spectacle…lots of humor and even a little bit of controversy…

Speaking of Controversy!

Major uproar on Amelia Island going on…as we residents are being uprooted and booted off the island! I just paid my squatting fees for a month 6 days ago and now have no home as of Saturday!  We were all in kahoots over it last night. Apparently the island has been purchased and will be a Gorean community…. Ouch!

So, Pat (Koanwrangler)  has already found a new place for Portable Empire Island, I understand, so hopefully we will all be fine soon.

I will post the new SL URL as soon as I get it.



KK Dallagio here, Second Life Junkie and Online Marketer.

We’re all about networking through our Second Life venues, friends, groups, contacts, events, and everything else remotely related!

I begin with a report from Koanwrangler Ibanez’s hugely successful Networking Event which took place last week at Portable Empire Island

That's me in the Santa Hat!

Newcomers flooded the party with excitement, questions, and ideas on how to further their marketing efforts with this awesome world called Second Life.  Regulars attended with open arms and attitudes, Koan gave out Dom Perignon, and Avatars of all kinds made their appearance at some point throughout the evening.

Koan the encourager got us all befriending each other.  I don’t think I have ever added so many friends at once.  Kudos to Koanwrangler and all who made it happen.  May there be many more!