If you have any notions about wanting to market your product or service in Second Life, I have a free gift available over at Santa Sal’s Big Christmas Giveaway event which just launched

Santa Sal Giveaway

This is a huge event and there are plenty of gifts there for non marketers as well!  These events are always fun, but Harris Fellman has really made his Sal character into quite a spectacle…lots of humor and even a little bit of controversy…

Speaking of Controversy!

Major uproar on Amelia Island going on…as we residents are being uprooted and booted off the island! I just paid my squatting fees for a month 6 days ago and now have no home as of Saturday!  We were all in kahoots over it last night. Apparently the island has been purchased and will be a Gorean community…. Ouch!

So, Pat (Koanwrangler)  has already found a new place for Portable Empire Island, I understand, so hopefully we will all be fine soon.

I will post the new SL URL as soon as I get it.