Sailing into the Sunset ~ Nantucket

After a looooong hiatus, I’m getting back into SL.  At first my goal was to find other people who read Tarot, because I’m just starting to learn it and I love it. I found a few groups, but no one who seems to be active when I am, so that so far has been a bust.  Instead, I remembered why I loved it in the first place. It’s just a great place to play. That’s all. I don’t need a long drawn out goal or purpose, I can just enjoy having fun.  The only problem is, there are so few people I used to know who still are on. I am, thankfully, still part of some active groups, and can start there, I suppose, making new friends.

What happened to everybody?  I suppose that’s as much my fault for being offline for so long, but I suspect there has been a rather large hiatus, and that is sad.  My main question is this:  Are enough people left who play when I’m on, who are not on SL just for sex?  Because that’s not what I want. I really enjoyed the friends I made before, many of whom I am still friends with elsewhere.  Is that still possible?

If not, I’m having fun anyway, setting up a little house and sailing my new Flying Tako sailboat, which I got for free!  Wowza!  I love free stuff~ (I got it here: Home of the Flying Tako Sailboat, Gray (31, 151, 22) – General).  I have not, yet had the urge to explore my old mermaid haunts….. maybe later.  The top of the water is fine for now!


West of Degrand 2 by Storm Thunders
West of Degrand 2, a photo by Storm Thunders on Flickr.

Love how she has a matching fish with her! Wonderful Chinese theme in her fins.

Love the colors! Thanks Windlight!

Wow! KK has Never been busier than now in SL!

I made the decision to move The Merry Dolphin (my mermaid shop and playground) just before things started really heating up for SL Peacefest! Not smart, but things just kinda happen that way sometimes!

The shop is no where near ready…I can’t find half my inventory or the playground itself!
( Lesson #1 create a temp folder when you move so you can find it all quickly when you unpack! Lol didn’t I just post about this? Don’t you just love it when you don’t take your own advice? )

I will post new landmark when it’s ready for you.

Meanwhile I’ve gotten a good start on the page for the Performers on the peacefest blog. Please stop by and visit your favorite artists’ page, and leave a comment! This helps them and it helps Peacefest by getting the word out faster. More links is good!

So visit and link away my friends!

SL Peacefest Performers

Group Notice From: Cubsfan Pugilist

Hey everyone-

Let’s meet this Sunday, May 4, at 8pm SL Time (10pm Central, 11PM Eastern) at the Unoffiical Obama HQ (landmark below)

Let’s organize something cool for NEXT WEEKEND!!!

See you soon!!! GO OBAMA!

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Silicon%20Island/52/224/37Obama in Second Life

Just found this site today: Second Life Profiles 

It is Pretty cool, and looks like it gets a good bit of traffic.  This is a great tool to use for crossing over from SL to real life/ friends/ business, etc.

I also added a group  – Peacetrain, which is what I spend most of my time on these days.  Join us, and be sure to visit the blog

My user name at this site is KK4Peace

oh, and be on the lookout for a new SL star:  Crow Tigerpaw.  I am working with him to help him get his show ready.  He is a composer and working on a stage show to present his music in world.

As a new participant in the Ever Project, KK takes a try at this new lens medium.  Huge fan of Squidoo, I cannot pass up a chance to put the word out about

 Second Life and Marketing.

Give it a looksie and leave a comment! Mucho Gracias and Many Thanks!

Have I mentioned the guide yet?  No?  Are you new to Second Life or want to give it a try and are a little intimidated?  No worries!  This simple little guide is your ticket to fun!

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