KK Dallagio’s Second Life

Wow it’s so awesome!

KK Dallagio at the helm

KK Dallagio at the helm

The ship currently sits by the outdoor theater in SL New England…but won’t be there long!

Lora Chadbourne, a Mayflower descendant who painstakingly recreated the ship in second life, gave a wonderful talk in world. The whole intervew is available, as are free hats and moccasins for all!  (I will definitely wear my moccasins next time I go drumming in the forest!)

The SLNE blog has the interview transcribed as well as more pics. 

You can actually get on the boat and look around. It is truly incredible …the feeling, to imagine how the passengers might have felt on that scary and cramped voyage, full of hope, probably fear, and surviving the ills of storm and disease.  Makes me very thankful our ancestors made the trip!

Great fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

This ship is amazing!

This ship is amazing!


It’s all so easy! If only in rl could we manage to be so fast an efficient. I toured a sim last night that was used for a large event put on my friends at Cafe Wellstone. They pulled in lots of newbies to Second Life, and I was amazed at how organized and well thought out the whole space was. A nice “mall” area with tutorials, skins and tips for those just getting in so they could get up to speed quickly and enjoy the festivities. Beautiful grounds, well mapped, and user friendly for new and old Secondlifers alike. The whole thing would be a massive logistical nightmare in rl.

Funny too the tour was just after a “meeting”, for SL Peacefest (coming up in just over 3 weeks!). Like real life only much easier, faster, and cheaper! The whole group is really pitching in as we get closer to the event. I feel a real sense of teamwork happening!

A friend invited me to a group as they prepare for a wedding. So clever! Just start a group, then send one message to all as things progress. No stamps, no “save the date” cards. Just a group. Simple!

One of my favorite organizing tools in SL is the inventory window. You can set up multiple folders with names to help que you for what you are looking for, such as “dresses”, “home decor”, “hud apps”, “skins”, etc. Now if I could only carry over 4 thousand items on my person at all times and simply click on a folder to make it jump out for me in rl! That would be Sweet! Maybe someday….

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Hey SL friends!

Last week we had our SL Peacefest 08 kickoff fundraising event. We had an anonymous matching donor and made over $L50,000 for our peacefest charities!


What fun this was for me! I had never sailed before….Thanks so much to Julia Ceres for letting me ride along!

See full photo set here:


Yes the people are wonderful…in fact, that is a necessary part of the whole SL music experience. Go to a live concert right in your own living room? Yes you can. I am a business owner, sometimes companion, friend, and other things on Second Life, but after all, it is the music experience that keeps me logging in again and again.

Musicians pay a huge price to perform in world. They work for tips only, no tickets necessary. And with the low Linden to Dollar ratio, they really do work for peanuts…make that Less than peanuts.

Yet were it not for these fearless few who sing and play their souls out for us, I would never have lasted so long in this realm. It is more than soothing and uplifting. It is knowing you are there, with the performers and audience in some way, all experiencing the same live performance at once.

We don’t deserve such joy. Yet we embrace it happily, and sometimes take it for granted. Let us appreciate these selfless SL musicians and tip them heartily whenever we enjoy a performance. Go often, and be entertained…soothed….even lifted up, with our SL live musicians.

Sunday afternoon was the SL New England Mermaid Festival….awesome Mer gathering!

Many Kudos to sister Delphina for taking this and a bunch of other great pics!

See them all here http://www.flickr.com/photos/10756771@N00/with/2432619922/

New England is such a beautiful place in Second Life. Del’s really got the whole sl photography thing down too. Check out how she is able to manipulate the colors and clouds in the sky to create the perfect backdrops.

WTG Del!

We are moved to the new sim (finally!) at the Blue Lagune,
and The Merry Dolphin store is up!  Yay!

I envision The Merry Dolphin as a place for merfolk
to meet up and play, as a sort of gathering place in the
water under and next to the shop.  There are swimming
and jumping dolphins, several sea turtles, “lay and swish”
balls, “bob and dive” balls, a bridge with seating, dolphin
pictures, shell chair and more fun stuff to frolic and play
in, all while listening to the music of “Classic Crow”.  I
set in the description a call for all merfolk who are looking
for company to gather there every half hour.  Hopefully that
will help with traffic and help us to meet each other more
handily.  I think I will start up a group as well. Thinking
about names..The Merry Dolphin Dudes & Dudettes?
Nah.keep thinking. Merry Merfolk?  Hmmmm.

Lately I have spent more time developing the space than
working on new mermaid outfits, but soon that will change.

Crow and the Starlite Orchestra just held our premier concert
last Sunday evening.  We had a good handful show up, not as many
as we hoped, but still it went well and those who did come
really seemed to enjoy it. Crow was a bit disappointed that due
to lag, he was not able to rez his violin.  Since he is the soloist,
that was a little strange, but really he was the only one affected.
He was able to premier his (Lee Beck’s) music: that was the main thing!

Peacefest is coming along nicely, and things are really starting to
take shape for the August event.  As more and more people get involved,
we are finding out how much there is still to do. It is quite an undertaking
to get all the performers, artists and panelists in order for a 3 day
peacetalk/ education/ celebration in world.  One great thing in our
favor is that we have had several generous residents offer their Sims for
our use.  That is one area we have completely covered! We still need
volunteers for all areas, and are working on adding more panelists.

Well, I’m settled again, sort of, in my new home near Pat O’Bryan’s (aka Koanwrangler Ibanez) new place on Spooner.  However, I was only able to purchase 512 sq meters with 126 Prims….not nearly enough for my taste! Still, is nice to be near my PE marketing friends.

Sooo, I am thinking about a second plot near another friend which is on a lagoon with plenty of room to swim with the dolphins!

Christmas in SL was peaceful, at least the little time I was on.  Heard about some ruckus with one sim, but I was not affected.  Had fun at Funky Feats’ “Christmas White” party and received TONS of Christmas cards in SL….way more than RL hehe.

Set up a booth at peacecamp for Peacetrain, but it still needs some finishing touches.  I guess I’ll have to breakdown and learn the scriptlanguage…learning a new computer language is not my favorite thing to do, but I seem to be drawn to things that can only be done w/ script.   Maybe I can make the best of it!

Today is KK’s RL birthday, so I plan to party 2nite! Wheeeee!