Sailing into the Sunset ~ Nantucket

After a looooong hiatus, I’m getting back into SL.  At first my goal was to find other people who read Tarot, because I’m just starting to learn it and I love it. I found a few groups, but no one who seems to be active when I am, so that so far has been a bust.  Instead, I remembered why I loved it in the first place. It’s just a great place to play. That’s all. I don’t need a long drawn out goal or purpose, I can just enjoy having fun.  The only problem is, there are so few people I used to know who still are on. I am, thankfully, still part of some active groups, and can start there, I suppose, making new friends.

What happened to everybody?  I suppose that’s as much my fault for being offline for so long, but I suspect there has been a rather large hiatus, and that is sad.  My main question is this:  Are enough people left who play when I’m on, who are not on SL just for sex?  Because that’s not what I want. I really enjoyed the friends I made before, many of whom I am still friends with elsewhere.  Is that still possible?

If not, I’m having fun anyway, setting up a little house and sailing my new Flying Tako sailboat, which I got for free!  Wowza!  I love free stuff~ (I got it here: Home of the Flying Tako Sailboat, Gray (31, 151, 22) – General).  I have not, yet had the urge to explore my old mermaid haunts….. maybe later.  The top of the water is fine for now!