December 2008

How far would you go to stand with your fellow man, for the greater good?  My SL friend Cotton steered me to this wonderful collection of musicians on literally every corner of the planet, singing together one song, in tune and in time.  Each part is added by the artists as the song itself travels around the world.   It’s a beautiful rendition of Ben E King’s classic oldie “Stand By Me”.  African choirs sing. Russian Cellist Dimitri Dolganov plays in Russia.  There are guitarists in Caracas and bongos in the Congo….Stefano Tomaselli jazzes it up on Sax in Pisa, Italy. Roger Ridley’s taking it on the street in Santa Monica.  Grandpa Elliot (blind and toothless) sings from the French Quarter (There’s a washboard too!) Clarence Bekker belts it out with vocals in the Netherlands.  The Twin Eagle Drum group in New Mexico keeps rhythm. Francois Viguie’ plays the tambourine in Toulouse, France.  Cesar Pope joins in with what looks like a Ukulele in Rio de Janeiro.


All of these artists are “Playing for Change”….in a song played and recorded around the world. 


The video is an independent release, and comes from the documentary “Playing for Change:  Peace through Music”


Want to join the movement?  Visit their site at


So, I head over to a concert in an art gallery with a show by an artist I had never heard of just to hear my favorite musician Louis Volare….

and there at the top, as I listen to music, I am drawn…I mean sucked into the absolute hypnotic mystery of this one photograph. He’s called the Haserot Angel….and he sits at a cemetery somewhere in Ohio.

The photographer, whom I only know as Eidolon Dreamscape in Second LIfe and Bittermuppet on Flickr has captured him, this mysterious crying angel in such a way that I myself am drawn to tears. Now I do not cry. I very rarely cry. But this picture (not the one here, but the one in Second LIfe…very similar to this but with the wings showing)…it actually made me feel for this ….statue!

Second life, real life, whatever. My real body was crying real tears and still is. Call it synchronicity or coincidence. It’s an incredible thing.

I am humbled by it…..drawn to my knees.

Good job, Eidolon!

See his full stream :