Wow! KK has Never been busier than now in SL!

I made the decision to move The Merry Dolphin (my mermaid shop and playground) just before things started really heating up for SL Peacefest! Not smart, but things just kinda happen that way sometimes!

The shop is no where near ready…I can’t find half my inventory or the playground itself!
( Lesson #1 create a temp folder when you move so you can find it all quickly when you unpack! Lol didn’t I just post about this? Don’t you just love it when you don’t take your own advice? )

I will post new landmark when it’s ready for you.

Meanwhile I’ve gotten a good start on the page for the Performers on the peacefest blog. Please stop by and visit your favorite artists’ page, and leave a comment! This helps them and it helps Peacefest by getting the word out faster. More links is good!

So visit and link away my friends!

SL Peacefest Performers