July 2008

It’s all so easy! If only in rl could we manage to be so fast an efficient. I toured a sim last night that was used for a large event put on my friends at Cafe Wellstone. They pulled in lots of newbies to Second Life, and I was amazed at how organized and well thought out the whole space was. A nice “mall” area with tutorials, skins and tips for those just getting in so they could get up to speed quickly and enjoy the festivities. Beautiful grounds, well mapped, and user friendly for new and old Secondlifers alike. The whole thing would be a massive logistical nightmare in rl.

Funny too the tour was just after a “meeting”, for SL Peacefest (coming up in just over 3 weeks!). Like real life only much easier, faster, and cheaper! The whole group is really pitching in as we get closer to the event. I feel a real sense of teamwork happening!

A friend invited me to a group as they prepare for a wedding. So clever! Just start a group, then send one message to all as things progress. No stamps, no “save the date” cards. Just a group. Simple!

One of my favorite organizing tools in SL is the inventory window. You can set up multiple folders with names to help que you for what you are looking for, such as “dresses”, “home decor”, “hud apps”, “skins”, etc. Now if I could only carry over 4 thousand items on my person at all times and simply click on a folder to make it jump out for me in rl! That would be Sweet! Maybe someday….

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Hey SL friends!

Last week we had our SL Peacefest 08 kickoff fundraising event. We had an anonymous matching donor and made over $L50,000 for our peacefest charities!


What fun this was for me! I had never sailed beforeā€¦.Thanks so much to Julia Ceres for letting me ride along!

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