June 2008

Second life musician Louis Volare, (aka Louis Landon) has posed a challenge to his SL friends, and real live counterpoints. He is offering a daily free download of a brand new performance, a daily improv, for those of us who wish the war in Iraq to end. In the name of peace, he plays freely, every day. All he asks is that we share this gift with as many people as possible.

Peace Revolution

HIs music is so powerful it has brought me to tears….on more than one occasion. Here are his words on his gift to world peace:

  • I have decided to add a new improv to my MySpace page every day until the war in Iraq is over and our troops come home. It will be a free download. When possible, I will have a very short concert at the Peace Revolution! Center and will perform the improv that I will post at 9 pm SLT. If you take advantage of the free download, all I ask in return is that you e-mail the music out to as many people as possible and that you ask them to pray for peace. Together we can change the world.
    Love and Peace Always and Everywhere,
    Louis Volare aka Louis Landon

Go there now and spread the word!



Yes the people are wonderful…in fact, that is a necessary part of the whole SL music experience. Go to a live concert right in your own living room? Yes you can. I am a business owner, sometimes companion, friend, and other things on Second Life, but after all, it is the music experience that keeps me logging in again and again.

Musicians pay a huge price to perform in world. They work for tips only, no tickets necessary. And with the low Linden to Dollar ratio, they really do work for peanuts…make that Less than peanuts.

Yet were it not for these fearless few who sing and play their souls out for us, I would never have lasted so long in this realm. It is more than soothing and uplifting. It is knowing you are there, with the performers and audience in some way, all experiencing the same live performance at once.

We don’t deserve such joy. Yet we embrace it happily, and sometimes take it for granted. Let us appreciate these selfless SL musicians and tip them heartily whenever we enjoy a performance. Go often, and be entertained…soothed….even lifted up, with our SL live musicians.