May 2008

These kids did it right, and they didn’t have a clue how until they actually did it! I love a good success story. So they meet, fall in love, decide to share their story via an independent film. Get it done, get it viral, and “screen” it on Second LIfe. Such a raw, brutally honest, sometimes funny, yet still tragic and at the same time kind of everyday story. Ipod owners saw it first, then Youtube, then Second LIfe. It’s a classic story that never grows old, told in techno geek funk of today’s whatever the term is now for yuppies. I loved it, and I hate I didn’t find it until now……


Group Notice From: Cubsfan Pugilist

Hey everyone-

Let’s meet this Sunday, May 4, at 8pm SL Time (10pm Central, 11PM Eastern) at the Unoffiical Obama HQ (landmark below)

Let’s organize something cool for NEXT WEEKEND!!!

See you soon!!! GO OBAMA! in Second Life