April 2008

slne mermaid festival_011

Originally uploaded by delphina_flickr

Sunday afternoon was the SL New England Mermaid Festival….awesome Mer gathering!

Many Kudos to sister Delphina for taking this and a bunch of other great pics!

See them all here http://www.flickr.com/photos/10756771@N00/with/2432619922/

New England is such a beautiful place in Second Life. Del’s really got the whole sl photography thing down too. Check out how she is able to manipulate the colors and clouds in the sky to create the perfect backdrops.

WTG Del!


Second Life allows you to be/do create whatever and whomever you want to be, want to do, and all the other stuff you can only dream about in real life. Yet, many groups and activities which begin in-world often bleed into the real world, and vice-versa. While it is technically a game which begins on your desktop, it extends to real friendships, relationships, business opportunities and community involvement that is very much real, and no game at all.

The Merry Dolphin